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Finding the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon

The tips below are taken from a variety of sources and based on an article on Dr. Carlos Puig’s hair transplant site. So you’ve decided to or are seriously considering having a hair transplant? Like buying a car, hair transplant costs are an expensive process and you will be living with the results for a   …Continue Reading

Are You a Hair Transplant Candidate?

If it’s one thing I hear over and over again, its people asking whether they can get good results from hair transplants.  Unfortunately, the question is not as simple as that.  I’m not going to touch the whole issue of whether transplants as a whole are good or bad.  This is about whether you, assuming   …Continue Reading

Hair Transplant Cost

The cost of a hair transplant will vary both depending on the hair transplant doctor or clinic you choose as well as the amount of hairs transplanted. Some doctors will price hair transplants per hair transplant session, but most charge per graft (follicular unit or naturally occurring bundle of hairs). Some offer lower rates the   …Continue Reading

Hair Transplant Terms

Confused by hair transplant terms? Don’t be. When reading about hair transplants, it is not unusual to have never heard of some of the terms used. Below is a quick guide to medical hair transplant terminology so that you’ll know what the article you are reading is talking bout! Term Definition Compression Can occur when   …Continue Reading

Hair Transplants Step by Step

Hair transplants are the most popular and common form of surgical hair restoration.  Unlike some of the more radical surgical options, transplantation is a relatively minor procedure with few complications.  With the advent of follicular unit grafts, most doctors today believe any patient should be able to get a natural looking and satisfactory hair transplant.    …Continue Reading

Follicular Unit Grafts

In hair transplants, a graft is a hair follicle or a bundle of hairs which has been removed from the scalp for transplantation to another area. Several different types of grafts have been described and used from minigrafts to micrografts to linear grafts and now to follicular unit grafts. Follicular unit grafts represent the current   …Continue Reading

Follicular Unit Extraction – FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the latest widely adopted practice in hair restoration. Traditionally, hairs to be transplanted are taken from a strip of hair at the back of the scalp. The hairs are then dissected out of he strip of skin and hair. Follicular unit extraction involves removing each follicular unit to be transplanted individually,   …Continue Reading

After Hair Transplant Surgery

The good news is the hardest part of this process, the surgery itself is now over. The bad news is now comes healing and anticipation! Healing In the transplanted area, redness, numbness and scabbing will typically persist for about one week. This may limit your return to work or other activities unless you take steps   …Continue Reading

Surgical Hair Restoration Procedures

The following pages contain information about surgical hair restoration procedures that sometimes do, but don’t always include standard hair transplants. These options are frequently used more often for repair to damaged scalps, such as when a person suffers traumatic scarring. Because they are more invasive surgical procedures, there is a far greater risk for unwanted   …Continue Reading

Scalp Expansion and Extensions

Scalp expansion and extension surgeries are both based on the same concept. The concept is that a when a constant force is applied to skin, the skin cells will start to grow new skin cells to allow the skin to adjust to the force that’s being applied to it. Over a period of time, the   …Continue Reading

Hair Flap Surgery

Contrary to what you might think, the flap operation is not a new procedure.  It has been practiced over 15 years.  Flap surgery is probably one of the most extensive and expensive hair restoration surgeries available.  Of course, when done right, it offers the best results.  Flap surgery can give you a perfect hair line   …Continue Reading

Scalp Flap Photo Gallery

The following are photos of actual flap patients – before and after.  These photos were created with the permission of the Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. Click on the images below to see larger versions. [ Several patients before and after flap surgery ]     [ One patient through several operations ]    [ Examples   …Continue Reading

Scalp Reductions and Hair Transplants

Scalp reductions are probably the most common surgical hair restoration procedure besides transplants. They are necessary because most people have a limited amount of hair for transplantation. Many men who are bald do not have enough hair to cover the scalp and give the appearance of a full head of hair. Scalp reductions are one   …Continue Reading

Scalp Reduction Photo Gallery

The following are photos of actual scalp reductions – before, during, and after.  These photos are not for those with weak stomaches and are explicit. The photographs below were graciously provided by Dr. Peter Panagatacos of San Francisco, CA. 415-922-3344 [ A series of photos showing a scalp reduction ]     [ A series of photos showing   …Continue Reading

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