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Experiencing hair loss?

Most men and many women will experience some degree of hair loss. For those most affected it can be a devastating experience. There are a variety of treatments available for hair loss and some are more successful than others. The only permanent and guaranteed treatment for hair loss is hair transplant surgery.

Hair Loss in the UK?

Do hair transplants work?

Yes, hair transplants have been refined over the years and now can produce natural results that last a lifetime. Celebreties such as Matthew McConaughey, Burt Reynolds, David Spade, Kevin Costner and Mel Gibson are rumored to have had hair transplants. Our Vice President Joe Biden is a transplant patient.

Your Hair Transplant Education Starts Here and Now!

Using our tips, you can find the best hair transplant surgeon for you, find out about hair transplant costs, different techniques and everything else you will need to know. Reading the information on this site will give you the knowledge needed to make an educated decision about choosing the best hair transplant surgeon for your needs.




Hair Transplant Surgeon Interviews

Hair Restoration Videos

Regrowth was recently able to be present at the WAHRS Live Surgery Workshop, where we were able to take video of transplants taking place.  We were able to film several patients having transplants done by various doctors.  Below we will walk you through the most important steps in the transplant process.  All the videos below   …Continue Reading

Hair Transplant Information

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