Hair Fibers / Concealers

Nanogen Hair Fibers

Nanogen is a hair fiber product similar to other hair fiber products on the market such as Toppik, Hair-Tek and others. Hair fibers cling to your existing hairs to make them appear fuller. In addition they cling to many of the smaller more miniaturized hairs that may have lost pigment in your balding areas, giving   …Continue Reading

Hair-Tek Hair Fibers

Hair-Tek hair fibers offer a similar hair fiber concealer for hair loss as other products on the market, but Hair-Tek has two things, which distinguish it from most other hair fibers on the market. One is that they do not include keratin in their product, which they say other companies do as a marketing gimmick.   …Continue Reading

Toppik Hair Building Fiber

This product is made of keratin fibers which bond to the hair to make it look thicker. Toppik boasts several advantages over other fiber based cover ups, including a better price and a wider variety of bottle/applicator sizes. To apply Toppik, just shake it over the area you want to cover. As with all other   …Continue Reading


DermMatch is a lot like women’s powdered makeup. It even comes with applicators that are very much like women’s makeup applicators.  I believe this allows for easier application.  You just wet the applicator and rub it into the round DermMatch pack and then apply it by rubbing the applicator against the scalp. DermMatch covers the   …Continue Reading

COUVRé Masking Lotion

COUVRé making lotion is a colored cream you apply which is designed to minimize the contrast between your hair and your scalp. COUVRé is a specially formulated lotion compound that eliminates the contrast between thinning hair and scalp. This masking formula is easy to apply and so subtle, no one will ever know you’re wearing   …Continue Reading

ProTHIK Spray

Prothik is a serious effective aerosol hair thickening system that cosmetically eliminates bald spots. Prothik is extremely effective during transitional “Grow-out” phases, between sessions and after completed procedures. Guarantee: They offer a risk free trial. No questions asked refund to your credit card for 4 weeks! If you don’t love it, you don’t pay. Price:   …Continue Reading