Commercial Treatments for Hair Loss

Three Simple Ways to Treat Dandruff

Dandruff is a condition that gives you a flaking, itchy scalp. The dandruff on your scalp is from small pieces of dead skin in your hair that can cause insecurity and depression. Noted as one of the most common dermatological conditions, dandruff has grown into a large concern by the general public, giving consumers several   …Continue Reading


Hair Loss Treatment Type: Fish Oil Extract. Availability: Online and in retail stores. Notes: Viviscal is a special fish extract discovered by university researchers in Finland. The makers claim that it helps with hair loss. Claimed Results: Similar to Minoxidil, high percentage of regrowth. Observed Results: Unknown. Clinical Results: Clinical studies (done by universities in   …Continue Reading


Hair Loss Treatment Type: Supposedly an anti-androgen. Availability: Online. Notes: Thymuskin is a product based on calf thymus extract which they claim helps with male pattern loss and alopecia areata. Claimed Results: Better than minoxidil. Observed Results: Have heard from a few people who had no benefit. Clinical Results: Several in Europe. Testing: Unknown. Safety/Side   …Continue Reading


Hair Loss Treatment Type: Superoxide Dismutase (Tripeptide Copper Complex) Availability: Online. Notes: Tricomin is a peptide copper complex drug. Early indications indicate an 80% response rate for significant growth of hair. This is the sister product of Iamin Gel which is enhanced for hair loss. Claimed Results: Better than minoxidil. Observed Results: Have heard from   …Continue Reading


Hair Loss Treatment Type: Natural treatment Availability: Online. Notes: A different take on natural treatments that has provoked a lot of discussion and some imitations. Ingredients: Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Montmorillonite (Also known as Calcium Bentonite), Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Eucalyptus Oil Gender: Either. Typical Cost: $25 per bottle with discounts   …Continue Reading


Revivogen is a natural formula and shampoo to help treat hair loss. Revivogen uses all-natural herbs and minerals to help block Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the male hormone believed to be responsible for causing hair loss.  The main herbal ingredients of Revivogen are: Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), Linoleic Acid, and Oleic Acid- Essential Fatty   …Continue Reading


Hair Loss Treatment Type: Super Oxide Dismutase / Pyrmidine N-Oxides Availability: Online. Notes: Proxiphen-N is an OTC hair growth stimulator made by Dr. Peter Proctor. Claimed Results: Similar to Minoxidil. Observed Results: Similar to Minoxidil in some. Clinical Results: No known studies. Testing: No clinical studies, has been used by thousands. Safety/Side Effects: Possible mild   …Continue Reading

ProMox (ReMox)

ProMox and ReMox are a line of custom Minoxidil formulations created by Dr. Oscar Klein of Physician’s Hair Growth. The Remox line of Minoxidil products offers 5-15% Minoxidil combined with Tretinoin and other ingredients such as hydrocortisone, progesterone, and azeleic acid. The new ProMox line offers a combination of 5% Minoxidil, Tretinoin, and topical Finsateride.   …Continue Reading

Nisim Shampoo

Hair Loss Treatment Type: Natural hair loss product that contains 60mg Saw Palmetto Extract, 50mg Pygeum Africanum Extract, 2.5% beta sitosterol and 45% free fatty acids. Nisim has an independent study claiming to stop hair loss and induce regrowth in many people. Details can be found on their website. Availability: Online stores. Claimed Results: Similar   …Continue Reading


Hair Loss Treatment Type: ‘Natural’ treatment Availability: Online stores. Notes: Their claims are pretty spectacular (some would say too good to be true). Very expensive. Contains parabens. Claimed Results: Similar or better than Minoxidil. Observed Results: Mixed. Clinical Results: Unknown. Testing: Unknown. Safety/Side Effects: Unknown. Gender: Either. Typical Cost: $30-125/month.

Nano Shampoo

Hair Loss Treatment Type: Pyrmidine N-Oxides Availability: Online stores. Notes: NANO is a shampoo designed to help preserve hair or stimulate hair growth. Also available in a conditioner. Claimed Results: Similar to minoxidil. Observed Results: Similar to minoxidil in some. Clinical Results: No known trials. Testing: No known trials. Safety/Side Effects: Possible mild irritation at   …Continue Reading


Hair Loss Treatment Type: Hyaluronic Acid Availability: Online stores. Notes: Highly advertised on the radio. Safety/Side Effects: Unknown. Gender: Either. Typical Cost: Call for pricing.

Hair Genesis

Hair Genesis is a mostly natural formula marketed for combatting hair loss. Hair Genesis is actually several products sold both separately and as a package. The different products include a vitamin and mineral dietary supplement, topical activator serum and shampoo and conditioner. The Hair Genesis dietary supplement pills are taken twice daily and contain:     …Continue Reading

Iamin Gel

Hair Loss Treatment Type: Prezatide Copper (copper transport) Availability: Online stores. Notes: Iamin is a wound healing gel released by ProCyte. Studies of the active ingredient showed that it had very good hair regrowth capabilities. Claimed Results: None. Observed Results: Minimal to Modest regrowth, stronger hair. Clinical Results: None available. Testing: Not tested for hair   …Continue Reading


Hair Loss Treatment Type: Prezatide Copper (copper transport) Availability: Online stores. Notes: This is the second Prezatide Copper based product, derived from the earlier Iamin. Prezatide Copper is a wound healing gel released by ProCyte. Studies of the active ingredient showed it had very good hair regrowth capabilities. The company sells a derivative known as Tricomin.   …Continue Reading


Hair Loss Treatment Type: Skin Restorer & Anti-androgen Availability: Online stores. Notes: Folligen is a product designed to repair the skin and promote proper hair growth. It also contains Saw Palmetto to reduce the effects of DHT on skin and hair. A number of people have reported that hair loss has decreased after using Folligen   …Continue Reading


Male pattern hair loss is associated with dihydrotesterone or DHT binding to the Androgen (male hormone) Receptor in hair follicles. Current treatments include preventing the creation of DHT (Propecia) and preventing DHT from binding to the receptor (Spironolactone, RU58841). Fluridil may represent a new method of treatment. According to its maker, Fluridil blocks activity in   …Continue Reading

Fabao 101

Hair Loss Treatment Type: Herbal mixture Availability: Online stores. Notes: This is a natural product. One distributor in the past (Trichogenesis/Cybergen) failed to honor its money-back policy and has had its distributorship revoked. All the distributors are required to offer a 30-day money back guarantee including shipping. Claimed Results: Better than minoxidil. Observed Results: Unknown.   …Continue Reading

F N S / Follicle Nutrient Serum (Piliel)

Several years ago, a product named Piliel promised to revolutionize the world of hair loss. In small scale human studies, Piliel grew good quality hair in almost all the people who used it. And better yet, Piliel was not a chemical or hormonal medication – it was a combination of cell culture media and the   …Continue Reading


Hair Loss Treatment Type: Electrical Stimulation of follicles Availability: Only in certain countries in salons. Notes: Popularized by a company in Canada called Current, this method seems to have some validity although there are still questions about safety. Claimed Results: Like minoxidil or better. Observed Results: Unknown. Clinical Results: Some studies seem to match claims.   …Continue Reading