Hair Loss Treatments

Myths about Hair Loss

We’ve all heard the many myths about hair loss. “If you keep wearing a hat, you’re going to go bald,” “If you’re going bald, you have too much testosterone,” or a family favorite, “Blame your mother.” However, none of these factors have to do with hair loss (not 100% anyways). Surprised? You’re about to learn   …Continue Reading

Dihydrotestosterone and Hair Loss

Dihydrotestosterone is a chemical we have referred to in several of our articles. Commonly abbreviated as DHT, this chemical is a male hormone, converted from testosterone. High levels of it are the main cause of hair loss in men and women. However, there is more to it than just that. DHT Love Before we get   …Continue Reading

The Effects of Ketoconazole for Hair Growth

Ketoconazole and Androgenetic Alopecia Ketoconazole is an anti-fungal medication that is generally prescribed to treat infections that involve the mouth, urinary tract, and epidermis. However, it has also been shown to help stimulate new hair growth. Ketoconazole has been shown to be particularly effective in treating people who suffer from androgenetic alopecia; better known as   …Continue Reading

Best Shampoo for Tackling Hair Fall: Regenepure DR

Regenepure DR Hair & Scalp Shampoo is a doctor recommended shampoo that men and women who suffer from hair issues can use to help curb the effects of androgenetic alopecia (e.g., male/female pattern baldness). The benefits are myriad, as the hair fall tackling shampoo contains rich, nourishing, and rejuvenating ingredients that can possibly help reduce hair fall. The   …Continue Reading

Top 10 Hair Loss Shampoos on Amazon

Thinking of purchasing a hair loss shampoo to combat your hair loss or the hair loss of a significant other? If so, you’ve come to the right place, as we have put together a comprehensive list of the ten best selling hair loss shampoos on Amazon this year. However, please consult your dermatologist or general   …Continue Reading

FDA Approved Hair Loss Treatments

Treatments in the FDA Approved Treatments category are treatments that have been specifically studied for hairloss and approved by the FDA as safe and effective. Very few hairloss treatments meet this high level of scientific standard and these treatments usually have the most information and proof of effectiveness.

Scientifically Proven Treatments

Scientifically proven treatments for hairloss are those that have clinical scientific studies showing that they will help with hairloss, but they have not been approved by the FDA specifically for treatment of hairloss. These treatments are usually beneficial additions to the FDA approved treatments that may increase effectiveness when combined with other treatments.

Natural Treatments for Hair Loss

Many people prefer to go the natural route to treat their hairloss for different reasons — usually due to poor experiences with the medicinal treatments or just a desire to avoid anything that is not completely natural. Some natural products do have evidence that they will help with hairloss, although there is usually not as much evidence as the medicinal treatments since their is less financial incentive for companies to fund studies of these treatments.

Off-Label Treatments

WARNING: Off-Label treatments should only be used under close supervision of a medical doctor.

Hair Transplant Information

Hair transplants can be the best option for some men depending on their degree of hairloss. They can provide a permanent solution to hairloss, although they do have their limitations. Because they are expensive and the results are permanent, it is recommended that potential patients read all available information prior to getting a hair transplant so that they can be an educated consumer.

Future Potential Treatments / Cures for Hair Loss

Future treatments for hairloss covers any treatment that is expected to be released in the future but is not yet generally available to the public.

Commercial Treatments for Hair Loss

Commercial treatments for hairloss covers a wide variety of product types with varying amounts of proof as far as their effectiveness. Some treatments have very little or no released testing for hairloss, while others do have some scientific backing. We cover all treatments in this category regardless of evidence unless they are proven as completely ineffective.

Shampoos for Thickening, Hair Loss and Hair Growth

Shampoos that are designed for men with thick hair can offer a great improvement in visual appearance to help make hair appear thicker. Some shampoos have also been shown through scientific studies to promote hair growth.

Hair Fibers / Concealers

Hair fibers and other cosmetic concealers offer a way to help make your hair appear thicker, and depending on your degree of hairloss can completely conceal your hairloss. They are not a long term solution since without treatment, your hair will continue to thin until they do not work, but combined with a working treatment can make the difference between looking like a person with hairloss to a person with little or no hairloss.

Men’s Hair Pieces

Men’s hair pieces are the other main treatment besides hair transplants and natural and medicinal treatments. The benefits of hair pieces are that they can provide a full looking head of hair without requiring surgery. Many mens hair pieces today can completely disguise hairloss when properly groomed, however they require proper maintenance to look natural and there are other drawbacks such as comfort and continuing cost.

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