Hair Loss News

The Fear of Going Bald

Everybody has a fear of something. It’s a common, natural characteristic of the human species. It’s become so bad, we have an entire list of phobias, and there are some incredibly ridiculous fears on that list. There is actually one fear many men (and in some cases, female), young and old, share in common. Related   …Continue Reading

Finasteride, Medication for Male Pattern Hair Loss, May Also Decrease Drinking

Finasteride is a synthetic drug for the treatment of male pattern hair loss (MPHL) and an enlarged prostate. The side effects of finasteride for treatment of these two conditions can include increased rates of sexual dysfunction, such as low libido and erectile dysfunction; in fact, some men who have discontinued the medication continue to experience   …Continue Reading

Nation’s First “Certified Hair Coach” Training Program

Internationally renowned hair loss physician Dr. Alan J. Bauman recently launched the first ‘Certified Hair Coach’ program in the U.S. to train hair stylists and salons on how to help men and women who are concerned about hair loss. The program is unique because it provides consumers with actionable information by combining scientific hair tracking   …Continue Reading

Prevent hair loss: How to prevent alopecia

It might sound easy at times, but preventing hair loss is no small task. Losing even a strand of hair is painful, agonizing  heart wrenching. Though we may not project this feeling to everyone around us, deep within we constantly think about how to prevent hair loss and prevent alopecia. That’s the reason why we  jump   …Continue Reading

Why is your hair falling out?

Men and women can suffer from hair loss for a variety of reasons. Genetics is often to blame for hair loss, and in many cases, it is the root cause.  However, there is a large percentage of the population that experiences hair loss as a side effect of another condition or medication. Everything from poor   …Continue Reading

Combat Hair Loss Naturally

Looking in the mirror had become a difficult experience for Janet. It seemed like every day her forehead receded further and her already thinning hair became thinner. Feeling like everyone might be criticizing her appearance she became embarrassed to go out and worried what might be causing her hair loss. Her husband Thomas had many   …Continue Reading

Propecia Side Effects Claimed in Latest Lawsuit

An Arkansas man filed a complaint on November 11, 2012, against Merck & Co. His lawsuit, filed in the United States’ District Court for the Eastern District of New York, is currently involved in the Propecia multi-district litigation case, which has consolidated dozens of cases involving the hair loss drug Propecia and its side effects.   …Continue Reading

Hair Loss Treatment from a Glaucoma Drug

There are very few topical treatments for hair loss. However, clinical trials are currently in progress to test whether a chemical in the glaucoma drug Lumigan could help re-grow scalp hair. Lumigan is a drug that reduces pressure in the eyes of glaucoma patients to help prevent blindness. A few years ago, it was found   …Continue Reading

New Research That Proves Just How Devastating Hair Loss Can Be

Celebrity hair stylist James Brown is the latest famous face to talk about the profound impact losing his hair has had on his life. The hairdresser – whose clients have included Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Emma Watson – first noticed his hair was starting to thin on top in his early twenties. But it   …Continue Reading

Five Foods That Help Fight Hair Loss

Topical solutions can temporarily solve a problem, especially when it comes to hair loss, but what you put inside your body is even more important. Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and getting enough sleep helps to make your body in the best shape possible. This is something that is essential when fighting back against hair   …Continue Reading

New ACell Hair Restoration Injection Treatment

Texas hair restoration surgeon offers less invasive solution for men and women in the early to moderate stages of hair loss. McGrath Medical, a medical hair restoration and cosmetic practice with offices in Austin, Dallas and Houston, now offers the much talked about ACell hair restoration treatment that is far less invasive compared to traditional   …Continue Reading

UK’s first hair transplant by robot

Patrick Shaw, 38, is the first man in the UK and Europe to undergo a ‘hair transplant by robot’.  The married father of two was born in Liverpool but now lives in Malaga, Spain.  He came back to England for the procedure, which took place at a clinic in west London As a young boy   …Continue Reading

Regenepure Launches Effective Biotin Supplement for Hair Loss

Regenepure Launches Effective Biotin Supplement for Hair Loss Say goodbye to thinning, lifeless hair for good Regenepure by Salonceuticals, Inc., one of the most well respected hair loss solution brands, has just launched their highly anticipated Biotin Supplement.

Juicing for Hair

Juicing seems to be a big thing these days, mainly for weight loss and easy digestion. It puts a lot less strain on the body to break down and absorb nutrients from liquids, and a lot of people have been known to go on juice cleanses to “wash the body out”. Coincidentally, juicing has more benefits than helping with digestion—it’s an easy way to get some of those fruits and veggies you need for healthy hair into your system. We’ve done a little research and found the most popular juice blends for healthy hair.

Best Shampoos for Hair Loss

There are several shampoos on the market today that claim to help with hair loss, but very few actually get the job done. Any shampoo designed to help with hair loss has to contain several beneficial ingredients that will help regrow and thicken hair, whilst preventing further hair loss from occurring. You may have heard of some of these more popular ingredients: Ketoconazole, Saw Palmetto Extract, and Jojoba oil, to name a few. After careful research and selection, the best shampoos for hair loss are briefly discussed below.

What Is Biotin and How Is It Used?

People have been using Biotin for decades. Whether to grow their hair, thicken their nails, or boost their metabolism, Biotin has become a trusted and reliable source for the health conscious everywhere. What people don’t know is how many benefits this vitamin actually has!   Internal Uses of Biotin Biotin is a B-complex vitamin that   …Continue Reading

Trichotillomania: The Hair Pulling Disorder

Everyone’s hair loss is different but sometimes it can be both physically and mentally damaging and can ultimately affect emotions and the  connections with the people around you.  Aside from the more commonly recognized causes for hair loss including genetics, hormonal changes, diet, and illness, there is also a less commonly discussed reason, known as   …Continue Reading

Healthy Hair Styling Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

A lot of the hair damage is caused by a poor hair care regimen and unhealthy styling habits. There are certain styling methods which can be detrimental to a healthy hair care routine.

Five Natural Remedies to Help Curb Hair Loss

Finding ways to regrow your hair can be tiring and even depressing. People are constantly seeking for natural remedies to boost volume and help regrow their locks. Although specialty shampoos and Minoxidil treatments are great options, using these natural remedies in conjunction with these treatments will help make the hair regrowth process much more effective.

Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss

Post-pregnancy hair loss is very common among new mothers. During pregnancy, most women experience luxurious, full hair. However, soon after giving birth they often experience a substantial amount of shedding resulting in significantly thinner hair. There is an explanation for this strange process and there are ways women can reverse these hair thinning issues.

Hair Loss Labs: Education, Solutions, and Health

During the hair growth process, it is very important to stay informed on the proper tips, techniques and products for a healthy hair regimen. is a new, informative community launched specifically for those interested in staying informed on hair loss and growth topics. With its easy to navigate website design and fresh, informative content,   …Continue Reading

Hair Loss Treatments and Shedding

Shedding can be a frightening experience, especially when using products that are supposed to help enhance growth. It is important to fully understand the shedding process before discontinuing a hair growth product. Shedding is possible for those who are exposing their hair to hair loss products, especially minoxidil based treatments. The key is discerning whether   …Continue Reading

The Derma Roller: What Is It and Does It Really Work?

As hair loss affects more than 50 million men and 30 million women in the United States, medical science is constantly studying the underlying causes and potential treatments for the condition. When these studies show the promise of a new intervention for androgenetic alopecia treatment this information tends to become widely discussed. A study released in   …Continue Reading

ASAP Science: The Science of Hair Loss

  Ever notice how some people tend to age gracefully with a full head of illustrious locks, while others start sporting a receding hairline after their 30th birthdays? While some blame hair loss on stress or lifestyle habits, such as too much smoking or drinking, and others believe certain soaps or shampoos are the culprits, the   …Continue Reading

Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

Okay, so you’ve noticed your hair is starting to get a little thin, or maybe even falling out a bit. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. Many men still look good with thinning hair, and that’s because they know how to pull it off (not literally). You can too; look below to find a hairstyle that will work for you and your state of hair.