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Using Finesteride less than 2 months

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by JohnnyTheTorch » July 2, 2003 at 10:12 pm #7113

My History:
I’m currently 52 years old. All of my life I’ve had extremely thick, course, oily and straight hair. My hair always grew at a very fast rate. Many barbers complained the it was like cutting a forest of tree stumps. About 2 years ago I noticed a slight thinning on top and my scalp no longer produced any oil. At the same time I began experiencing a slight burning or stinging sensation on my scalp. I changed shampoo and it didn’t help. In the past year, my hair loss had increased (on top) and the burning sensation had become unbearable at times. The burning became so intense, at times it would wake me up in the middle of the night. I’d stand under a cold shower for long periods attempting to cool my scalp so I could sleep. I visited a Dermatologist a few times but, that was a waist of time and money. She just gave me mindless look and said “it’ll go away“. After 2 years of this my hair had thinned to about 50% on top and my scalp constantly burned like the surface of the sun.

I found this forum and read about Finesteride. I live close to Mexico so I went over and purchased 5mg. Proscar (about $40 for 30 tablets) and a pill splitter. It’s only about $10 per month that way.

I’ve been using Proscar now for only 6 weeks but, this is what I’ve found:
After 1 week the burning sensation stopped.
After 2 weeks my hair became extremely oily again.
After 3 weeks the shedding stopped.
At 6 weeks my hair seems to be substantially healthier, thicker and growing at a very high rate again.

I haven’t looked for regrowth yet as it’s to soon to even bother but, I’m very pleased with the results thus far.

I’ve experienced no side effects.

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