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Hair Surgery for Getting Hairs Transplanted On Bald Area

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by Dr Ajaya Kashyap » September 6, 2017 at 4:25 am #195164

Hair loss is a common problem seen in many people due to various reasons. Generally hair fall occurs due to improper cleaning of hairs, Dandruff and some other common infections in hair that spoil the scalp, heredity or genetic disorder and exposure to sunlight and pollution.

There are many remedies for controlling hair loss. Hair oils claim to reduce hair loss. There are some anti hair fall shampoos that also claim to reduce hair fall. These products work by nourishing the roots of hairs and help them grow and strengthen them in order to retain them.

The results of these products may vary person to person. Importantly, these products can help us retain the hairs we have however there are little chances to regrow hairs that are lost.

Cosmetic surgery can help us to have equal amount of hair on all the parts of our head. If a person is bald, hair surgery can be performed to place his own hairs on the area where there are very less or no hairs.

Surgeons take out hairs from the area where hairs grow naturally in sufficient amount from the same patient. Especially back of head is supposed to be the donor area from where the hairs are taken out and transplanted in bald area.

Surgeons take out upper layer of scalp dissecting the skin in a strip usually 6 to 10 inches long depending upon the area where they are supposed to be transplanted. Then they make 500 to 2500 grafts out of the strip. They make smaller holes in the bald area by sharp needle or scalpel. Then they place the grafts one each in a hole and complete the process of transplant.

Hair surgery cost depends on experience of surgeon, efficiency of his team, location of his clinic and process adapted for hair transplant.

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