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by BobTheBuilder » February 5, 2010 at 2:06 am #132735

They say:

July 28, 2009 — The mercury used in dental amalgam fillings is not at a level high enough to cause harm in patients, according to the FDA, which today issued its final regulation on the controversial tooth filling material.

and then say:

When the fillings are placed in the teeth or removed, or during chewing, mercury vapor is released, according to the FDA. At high levels, mercury can cause adverse health effects to the brain and kidneys.

then say:

At a media advisory to announce the final rule, the FDA’s Susan Runner, DDS, said, ‘The best available scientific evidence supports the conclusion that patients with dental amalgam fillings are not at risk for mercury-associated adverse health effects.

Serious what a bunch of b*llshit!

Autism is on the rise, why? because mothers have mercury in there body, from dental, vaccinations, foods, products, etc…. then the child has mercury running through out the body, then what tops it of is vaccinations (not all only some).

Mercury is very hard to detect because of the way the body stores it, doctors wont tell you this.

There also is an effect on the electrical system within the body.

I have read many studies where autism, many other major illnesses have been fully cured from heavy metal detox’s. Heavy metals within the body create a perfect source for parasites to live..

Serious these bunch of f*cks are killing the world with there lies, mercury side affects and behavior is well documented and many illnesses are related to mercury and other heavy metals just link the behavior!! and wake up!

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by matttheman » February 5, 2010 at 6:21 pm #132750

Interesting comments Bobthebuilder and I’ve got to say I agree. My holistic dentist took a electrogalvanic reading of my teeth with any reading over 2 micro amps being significant one of my teeth was 11 another two where 8.2 the dentist joked I could light a Christmas tree with them.

I would like to stress again that under no circumstances should you get them out unless your dentist is aware of the risks of mercury and uses a rubber dam and an air filter.

There are is need for anyone to get them if your dentist refuses to give you non toxic white fillings leave and go to someone who will, no one on this board should take the risks not if we are fighting to keep/get back hair.

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by jaydee » February 6, 2010 at 7:53 pm #132784

whoa…just a second here…while I am super vigilant about my health and diet, etc, there really is not enough evidence to support the removal of amalgam from the teeth. Yeah, sure it all sounds warm and fuzzy and we all want to think we’re doing all these wonderful things for our health, but let’s also keep a level head here. There isn’t enough evidence that the amalgam on your teeth are causing you any problems, no matter how much the alternative health movement wants to push that agenda. Sure a few mainstream dentists (with a financial agenda) take their view as well, and of course a few medical doctors. I have no argument with any of those and good for them. However, the procedure to remove them is very complicated, costly, risky and the data regarding any potential benefit is meager at best. Do I think it’s better not to have amalgam? Sure, of course I do, but do I think that is the cause of all these illnesses. Nope. Some illnesses? Perhaps, but there isn’t enough evidence. There is some, but not enough to warrant such an extreme procedure.

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by Zakhar Zabrovskiy » April 13, 2017 at 11:10 pm #194512

Whoaa whoaa, hold on there…. poses no risk yet removal procedure is risky? Saying constanly elevated levels of mercury in people with amalgam fillings is normal and safe is complete blasphemy. Maybe lead and arsenic are normal too. It is a fact that mercury builds up in the hair follocles of people with amalgam fillings. DMSA can be taken internally and applied topically to the hair inorder to lessen the burden of detox on the follicles. Where do you think gas goes once it is released? It RISES. What is above your mouth? Hmmm i wonder. Why dont we all put mercury in our mouths and pass it down to our kids because theres no proven facts that it causes damage. There is no way to prove symptoms of mercury toxicity at all… it gets deposited into all organs, evenly. As the levels of EMF radiation rise, the levels of mercury fumes rise proportionally. Fact= elevated levels of mercury in blood of people with amalgam fillings. FACT= Elevated levels of mercury in fetus of women with amalgam fillings. FACT= Mercury cannot be stablized, it releases gas. FACT= Mercury is the most neurotoxic heavy metal, in the same category as lead. Who are you kidding? Perhaps a lobotomy is in order?

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Zakhar Zabrovskiy
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by Jodie Katia » June 19, 2017 at 2:53 am #194696

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