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Aixiz vs. Chinese 650nm laser diodes?

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by Emilios » February 27, 2017 at 4:09 pm #194466


New to the forum. Hope you can help.
I am going to construct my own LLLT-device for hair loss. And no, I am not affiliated with any product, just a guy from Denmark wanting to get a handle on my hair loss.

It will be a laser comb-like device, pretty much akin to the Hairmax ones, as I can’t afford the larger helmet types. It’s a start.

Aixiz diodes are very much praised on these forums.
Their 650nm 5mw diodes are affordable to me, but I am considering using more powerful ones to cut down on treatment time. But their 10mw ones are somewhat expensive.

On the website fasttech . c0m I can purchase, not cheap, but comparably inexpensive 650nm diodes:
- 10mw: $7.55 (fasttech. c0m/products/1620/10007116/1581003)
- 20mw: $8.10 (fasttech . c0m/products/1620/10007116/1581004)
- 50mw: $14.25 (fasttech . c0m/products/1620/10007116/1580903)

Was thinking of going with 10x 20mw diodes. Even if they drastically underperform and measure at perhaps half power output, at least that would make their output around a minimum of 10mw.

My questions:
- Should I steer clear of any diodes from China, and why?
- Any health risks with these? (Class 3B)
- My starting regimen would be the one touted by Hairmax; 3x/week, 8-11 min. making several passes over the scalp, moving it 1 cm every 4 seconds (start out slowly and increase as I evaluate my how my scalp reacts):
With this regimen, would a 20mw be too powerful and could it damage my scalp and/or hair follicles?
- Could I in fact go with the 50mw diodes, and what would these much more powerful diodes mean for usage, for not damaging follicles, and for safety?

Thanks for any help :-) .

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