Interview with Leon Emmons, nonsurgical hair replacement professional

Regrowth: The first question I really had was how long have you been in the hair replacement business and what made you decide to go into it? Emmings: Well, I’ve been in the business 25 years and I got into the business because I had hair loss and when I become aware and saw what   …Continue Reading

Interview with Dr. Khadavi from Revivogen

Regrowth interviewed Dr. Alex Khadavi, MD, CEO of Advanced Skin & Hair, makers of Revivogen. Regrowth: Dr. Khadavi. Please tell us a little about your background. Dr. Khadavi: I began my studies at UCLA where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Biology. I continued my education at the George Washington University School of Medicine, obtaining my doctor of   …Continue Reading

Hair Loss Interview with Dr. Oscar Klein

Regrowth: What are the main products you provide through your clinic? Dr. Klein: Physicians Hair Growth is a medical center that provides its patients with the latest most innovative treatments for hair re-growth available today. At present, our primary medical treatment is Re-mox ™, a proprietary medication that is a combination of Minoxidil and Tretinoin, with an   …Continue Reading

Interview with Dr. Angela Christiano

Regrowth recently caught up to Angela Christiano, the doctor who recently discovered the ‘hairless’ gene, which was touted as a potential future gene therapy treatment. This gene was originally mentioned for being responsible for alopecia universalis, but the term was meant as a general overall hairlessness, not the specific medical condition related to alopecia areata,   …Continue Reading

Interview with Dr. Loren Pickart, creator of Folligen

Dr. Pickart, You are an acknowledged expert in your field and as the founder of Skin Biology and creator of Folligen, I’m sure our viewers have quite a few questions for you. Some of these questions may not have definitive answers, but if you could, please give us your best guess based on your opinion.   …Continue Reading

Hair Loss Interview with Lou Gauthier

Disclaimer: Regrowth conducts interviews to further inform its readers about available products. Interviews do not represent any endorsement of a product. Visitors are encouraged to read all available information on a product they are interested in prior to purchasing it so that they can make an informed decision. Regrowth had a chance to talk to   …Continue Reading

Interview with Osmotics CEO Steven Porter

We are aware that many of you have had many questions about FNS, so here are some of the highlights from the interview with Steven Porter, CEO of Osmotics. Regarding Piliel’s previous trials and Life Medical Science: According to Osmotics, when the previous trials for Piliel were done, they did not use the original formula   …Continue Reading

Hair Loss Interview with Dr. Shargani of Revivogen

The following is an interview conducted with Dr. Shargani of Advanced Skin & Hair LLC, creators of the Revivogen formula for treating hairloss. Dr. Shargani shared with us information which you may find useful in evaluating his product. Regrowth: What are the main ingredients in Revivogen? Dr. Shargani: Revivogen has four different groups of active ingredients. The   …Continue Reading

Interview with Dr. Oscar Klein – April 2008

Dr. Oscar Klein is a physician in New York City who has helped treat thousands of patients with his ReMox and ProMox minoxidil-based formulas. We recently talked to Dr. Klein about his different hair loss formulas and what he thinks about the future of hair loss treatments. Before After 3 months After 6 months What   …Continue Reading