Best Hair Growth Shampoo for Women

While there are a cornucopia of hair growth shampoos for women on the market, trying to determine the best hair growth shampoo for women may prove difficult. Here, we have selected 2 premier grade hair growth shampoos for women whose unique, non-abrasive formulas currently make them the duo to beat. The Regenepure Dr Hair and   …Continue Reading

The impact that DHT’s have on Hair

DHT has a monstrous impact. When we speak in the general category of hair problems (mainly hair-loss) we find many different causes that can cause the hair to fall but the one which is most to blame is the production of DHT’s. This derivative of testosterone is the care problem of Androgenetic Alopeica (male pattern baldness).   …Continue Reading

An Overview of Parabens and Sulfates and Hair Care

  Over the years, the two terms “Parabens” and “Sulfates” have raised many questions in the field of cosmetics. We know that they are big, fancy words but:   What are they? What is their purpose? Are they good or bad for you?   Generally, parabens are groups compounds that are used as a preservative   …Continue Reading

New Boutique Offers Hope for Hair Loss Sufferers

Denise Webster spent years hiding because of hair loss. Then came a life-changing experience, which motivated her and her daughter to open TrichWig Co., a Fredericksburg boutique dedicated to helping others. “My mom has suffered from Trichotillomania, a hair pulling disorder, for over 40 years,” Heather Lease, Denise’s daughter, said.  “She had tried every resource   …Continue Reading

Stem cells for hair loss?

For people experiencing hair loss, there’s a new treatment on the market called stem cell therapy. It’s less invasive than hair transplant procedures, and could someday be the gold standard. The idea that this procedure could spark new hair growth has breathed new life into the race to clone hair. And that may just be   …Continue Reading

Laser Hair Therapy- Does it work for women?, provider of innovative hair loss treatments, has recently introduced the NutreveTM Personal Hair Therapy Laser, the latest laser therapy treatment.   InternationalTM is offering a 6 month money back guarantee, something unheard of in the hair treatment industry. The company is confident that laser therapy is one of the best ways to restore hair   …Continue Reading

Specialist treatment provides confidence boost to sufferers of alopecia devastation

After a traumatic break-up from her boyfriend, Rhona Hartley found herself facing another loss which was just as devastating – that of her hair. Following a visit to a doctor she was told she had alopecia areata – a condition that causes round bald patches which may come and go. She was prescribed a steroid   …Continue Reading

How to battle shedding

Shedding is never fun, just ask my vacuum cleaner. It’s even less fun when you realize the golf ball size bits of hair you’re tugging out of the roller came from your own head. Oh, the horror! As we get older (yes ladies, this is for you too) our once glorious crown of healthy hair   …Continue Reading

Lowcountry Salon Delivers Christmas Wishes to Women Suffering from Hair Loss

North Charleston resident Shermica Fabers became a licensed cosmetologist in 1997. And about five years later, the very thing she devoted her life to — hair — would take her on a journey from devastation to hope for other women. Fabers began to have hair loss about 10 years ago. She spent the next few   …Continue Reading

Women’s Hair Loss Specialist Opens Beverly Hills Salon

There is a problem that is much more common among women than many would suspect: hair loss. Thinning hair, receding hairlines, patchy bald spots, or even total hair loss, all caused by a variety of conditions, and all just as troubling to the women who suffer from these conditions as you might think. Solutions include   …Continue Reading

Olympics 2012: Joanna Rowsell can win gold at home—and inspire alopecia community

LONDON—There are heart-tugging stories at every Olympics. If Joanna Rowsell wins gold on Saturday at the 2012 Games, your heart may not believe your eyes. She is bald. The IOC doesn’t keep records on such things, but the British cyclist would probably become the first hairless woman to win a medal. (We’re not counting swimmers   …Continue Reading

Bauman Medical Group to Feature First Female NeoGraft Hair Transplant Live Webcast on August 8th for National Hair Loss Awareness Month

Boca Raton, FL- Hair loss is typically thought of as a man’s disease, but the truth is that women are almost just as at risk as men. In honor of Augusts National Hair Loss Awareness Month campaign, internationally recognized hair transplant surgeon Alan J. Bauman, M.D. is performing the first-ever live webcasted female hair transplant using   …Continue Reading

New Viviscal Research Shows Hair Loss at the Root of Women’s Sexual Confidence

In conjunction with Hair Loss Awareness Month, Viviscal has released new research that shows that hair loss can strongly affect a woman’s overall confidence and her sex life. According to the recent survey, 96 percent of women suffering from hair loss feel that their hair is connected to their sense of beauty. In addition, 55   …Continue Reading

Losing hair a new female woe

Hair loss is becoming more of a woman’s problem, no thanks to changing lifestyle patterns.